Why Should You Get an Accurate Property Valuation When Selling Your UK Home?

When you’re selling your home, you should ideally get a professional property valuation to obtain an accurate, up-to-date estimate of the true value of your home. By doing so, it will be easier to make informed decisions about your finances and future, understand how much to ask for your property, reduce unnecessary hassle, sell your home faster and move forward with your life.

While a quick online valuation can give you similar information, it’s best avoided when selling your home. After all, its value isn’t just based on the size of your property, condition and features but also key factors including the local property market.

If you want an accurate, up-to-date property valuation that takes all the factors into account, we recommend that you seek a professional property valuation from our team here at Cobb Farr.

A valuation is more than just a valuation!

Sometimes people choose to get more than one estate agent to value their property so that they can assess it for themselves and set their own price. It also gives them the opportunity to meet several agents and get a feel for their skills, experience, approach and service levels, etc. However, always be wary of agents who value your property too highly and inform you that they have buyers ‘waiting on their books’ to buy a property like yours. It’s tempting, but seldom works out that way and certainly adds massively to your stress levels.

At Cobb Farr, we are pragmatic and realistic about the market and will give you considered advice about the worth of your property and its potential to sell at the price you want it to.

Once you have an understanding of its value, this can act as inspiration to redecorate your property or potentially invest in some further home improvement before you put your house on the market. By doing this, you can add more value and potentially increase its attraction for buyers.

Getting a valuation is more than learning about the value of your property. It’s also about being informed about the market, the choices you make, and the agent you decide to work with. By working with Cobb Farr, you can rest assured that we have your best interests at the forefront of our minds. We will help you sell your home for its optimal (but realistic) asking price, enjoy a faster, reduced-hassle sale, and enable you to move on with your life in your brand-new home.

Keep reading to discover why a proper valuation is a key step for the sale of your home and your future.

1. You could sell your home for more

An accurate, up-to-date professional property valuation considers all the factors affecting the value of your home, providing you with the information you need to make shrewd financial decisions. With the right advice, you’ll be more likely to sell your home for more and be better positioned to buy your dream property.

2. You’ll sell your property faster

When your home is accurately priced, you should be approached by many interested buyers, especially in Bath, Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire or Somerset where demand for properties is high. This could result in a bidding war and help you sell your home much faster than if you didn’t get this valuation.

Without a professional valuation, you risk pricing your property too high. As a result, you’re less likely to appear in some online searches, will receive fewer enquiries and fewer viewings and your property could stay on the market for longer than it should. Even if you reduce the price, buyers will often be wary about the fact it has been on the market for so long, could believe that something is wrong and will be less likely to make an offer on your home.

Hatfield House, Bloomfield Road , Bath
Hatfield House, Bloomfield Road , Bath

3. Your property sale is less likely to fall through

A professional property valuation shows your buyers’ mortgage lenders that your property is priced accurately. This makes it more likely that they will approve the application and reduce any barriers between your buyer making an offer, signing contracts and moving in. Without an accurate property evaluation, the lender could insist on their own, especially if the property seems overpriced. If they conclude that the property value is less than your asking price, the sale could fall through, and you could have to start the whole process again.

4. You’re more likely to buy your dream home

If your home is priced accurately, you are more likely to be financially secure enough to buy your dream home. You’ll have more money available to allocate to its purchase, there will be fewer problems for the property chain and everything should move much faster and more smoothly.

5. Selling becomes much less stressful

Selling your home is known to be stressful, especially if you experience setbacks and challenges along the way. If your home is also undervalued or overvalued because you didn’t seek a professional property valuation, this becomes even more likely. However, if you gain an accurate property valuation with Cobb Farr, you’ll streamline the entire process, avoid any unnecessary problems or hassles and significantly reduce your stress levels.

Get a Professional Home Valuation with Cobb Farr

When selling your home, you should get a professional property valuation to save you time, money and potential headaches in the future. Cobb Farr have the market knowledge, skills and experience to advise you realistically and to discuss your ambitions, so that the price it goes on the market will reflect both these aspects.

Need a professional, accurate property valuation? Get in touch with our friendly team at Cobb Farr today.

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