Optimising Your Garden For House Sales

It’s often during the Summer, when many of us are making more use of our garden or patio, that a property’s outdoor space can begin to feel like an extra room.

But when it comes to house sales, this notion is relevant regardless of the season.

With any property sale, it’s about selling a lifestyle, whilst presenting enough of a blank canvas for any prospective buyer to imagine living there. So much in the same vein as decluttering the interior and maximising your indoor space, so too should sellers consider the condition of their garden ahead of potential viewings. This applies to spaces of any shape and size, be it a modest courtyard or acres of lawn.

And whilst an outdoor area has long been coveted, attitudes have evolved in the wake of Covid-19.

The legacy of lockdown living is such that those who endured the period without a garden area are now mindful of such an eventuality, and keen to futureproof their living arrangements. Likewise, those at the other end of the spectrum were reminded of the value of such spaces and would now not willingly go without.

The pandemic has had a profound effect on house buyers. For example, pre-pandemic, a buyer with ample capital may have considered a first-floor flat in the centre of town, to better enjoy the amenities of the area and reduce commuting times.

However, as we emerge from the spectre of Covid-19, a buyer may now be more likely to consider a property outside of town, but with greater outdoor space. The rise of remote working has added to this dynamic, as commutability becomes less of a requirement.

This represents a complete shift to life pre-pandemic when urban properties were in vogue and country cottages were much harder to sell. Of course, as time moves on, the zeitgeist of lockdown may fade but for now, it remains too fresh in the memory for outdoor spaces to not be a key consideration.

With this in mind, presenting a pristine garden or space, in line with the interior, has never been more pertinent. But how can you optimise your garden for selling?

One option is to leverage off ‘the new normal’ and the subsequent boom in remote working by installing a home office or studio in the garden. Timber frame studios are hugely sought after and can be presented in a variety of ways, as a working space, home gym or simply as an extra room.

Of course, this is dependent on having adequate square footage and resource available, but the advantages of being able to include a home office can be significant, particularly in selling a viewer on the lifestyle that your property might be able to afford.

That said, one needn’t overspend in order to maximise their space.

Reframing the garden as an extension of the living quarters rather than merely an outdoor space will help expose pockets of value waiting to be unearthed.

One approach could be to develop a floorplan of sorts, dividing your garden into ‘rooms’, such as a seating area, veg patch or herb garden, and creating a geography for the viewer to latch onto. Though we look with our eyes, it’s always worth considering the other senses when selling a property, so be strategic with flowers of a more pleasant aroma, such as a blossom or roses, and their positioning.

Another key point to consider is the front garden which, regardless of size, will form the crux of your viewer’s first impression. Simple actions such as ensuring that the path is weeded, and the lawn is tidy will present a positive launchpad for any given viewing.

Above all, try to maximise whatever outdoor space your property can afford. Even with a flat, if there’s enough room to put a small table and chair on a balcony, this will add value.

Now, like never before, the idea of fresh air and sitting outdoors with a fresh coffee or a glass of wine is as much a key selling point as any second bathroom or kitchen diner.

In 2022, gardens and outdoor spaces make properties exponentially more saleable, and however much you’re able to invest into these areas ahead of selling will almost definitely be felt in the offers you receive.

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