Five Ways To Improve Your Home’s Value Without Breaking The Bank

In this article, we’ll explore five inexpensive ways to add value to your property and increase buyer interest.

When looking to ramp up property prices, many circumnavigate the lower hanging fruit in favour of more wholesale changes such as extensions, loft conversions or repurposed office spaces.

But for those on a tighter budget, there remain plenty of options available to improve the attractiveness of your property, and ultimately, secure a more lucrative sale.

1. Curb appeal

They say you only have one chance to make a first impression in life, and this is especially true when selling one’s property. A prospective buyer’s immediate reaction to your property will likely be a lasting one, so it’s important to immediately impress.

One of the most important aspects of this is your front door. As the gateway to your property, it’s essential that this is in good repair, with paintwork up-to-date and fixtures polished, in order to be inviting for your viewers.

Depending on your layout, consider tidying pathways, driveways and fences, removing weeds and debris, not only for the aesthetic benefit but to maximise space.

2. Clean windows

A follow-on from point one but this will improve the feeling throughout your home.

Clean windows not only help your property appear more attractive from the outside but will also allow more natural light into the house.

Light can have an illusionary effect on interiors and allow rooms to appear more spacious than their square footage suggests. It can also have a positive effect on mood and wellbeing, as well as saving money, as a darker property requires more artificial light.

Five ways to improve your home's value without breaking the bank - The smell of fresh coffee

3. Storage

One of the key selling points of any property is storage. We never have enough, and the prospect of more is hugely enticing!

It’s worth bearing in mind that during a home viewing, buyers will often want to interrogate any available storage, so it’s vital to make sure that your cupboards are tidy. Clean, organised and well-dusted cupboards will create a sense of space that will be high on the wish list of any given viewer.

4. Decluttering

When viewing a home, a potential buyer needs to imagine themselves living there, not you. With this in mind, a short-term declutter will do wonders to help smooth this process.

You’re looking to present a blank canvas, where external parties can easily transpose their belongings onto your walls or shelves, with minimal imagination involved. Where possible, relegate knick-knacks and personal belongings to storage during this process.

In short, try to remove the items that tell your story, and let the house speak for itself.

The benefits of this are two-fold, as with a view to completing the sale and eventually moving out, a head start on box packing will only help slicken the end process.

5. Smells

This is a big one. If there’s one element that will immediately turn a buyer off, it’s a bad smell in the house. Regardless of glossy finishes or idyllic locations, an unwanted odour will be the point of no return for prospective buyers, so it is important to make sure your property feels fresh.

This is especially pertinent for pet owners, who may have become unwittingly nose-blind to the litter tray or dog bed!

Again, first impressions are everything, so using sprays, plug-ins or even incense sticks, will add to the viewer’s immediate experience of our home.

From a lifestyle perspective, coinciding a viewing with some freshly ground coffee or bread baking will instantly add to the allure of your home. It’s a strategy used by supermarkets to entice customers with their noses and excite them with a sense of quality.


For those with resource available, be that in monetary terms or DIY know-how, there are endless possibilities to increase your property’s value.

However, by tapping into the psychology of the viewer, you may save yourself both time and money.

The thing to remember is that you’re not just selling a home, you’re selling a lifestyle. Viewers need to clearly envisage themselves in your property and feel that living there will add benefit to their lives. It’s the Soho House mentality – that by simply attending, the environment will rub off on them, enriching their lives for the better.

Your job when selling a property is to facilitate the journey between imagination and reality, as once a buyer has mentally moved in, they are unlikely to move out.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to add value to your property, contact Cobb Farr today.

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