The Importance of Property Brochures and Quality Photographs

When you’re selling or letting your home in Bath or Bradford-on-Avon, you will receive the expert valuation, personally tailored service and exceptional sales experience that you deserve when you come to Cobb Farr.

As part of our property services, we offer a bespoke brochure design service that ensures your property stands out and gives potential buyers an insight into the true value of your home.

These contain detailed information about your beautiful home including its unique history, features, a floorplan, premium quality photographs and the information we believe will inspire the prospective buyer to book their viewing and purchase your home.

In this article, we will explain why we continue to believe strongly in the power of property brochures and offer them to our valued clients.

Why are property brochures important?

In the age of online listings and digital brochures, producing a high-quality printed or digital brochure may not seem like an obvious choice.

We are one of the few estate agents in the area that still produce brochures and we are proud of that fact. Our clients love them and we believe that there is still that desire to have something tangible that people can refer to.

We know that they play a key role in selling a property because of the outstanding value they offer prospective buyers.

A high-quality physical brochure allows interested parties to explore the finer details of the property at their leisure and consider whether it offers the precise features, location and lifestyle benefits they require. They are better able to imagine themselves living in your property and can share the information with their family and friends.

With the addition of a detailed floorplan, outstanding quality photographs and an exclusive appearance, they can make the difference between selling your property or waiting months for interest.

What about property floorplans?

Property floorplans help prospective buyers to visualise the room layout and assess whether your home meets their needs, even if they’ve already viewed your property or viewed the photographs.

With this detailed additional information, they can consider whether their furniture would fit, imagine how they’d use the space, whether they’d make any renovations and potentially start to build an emotional attachment to the property.

Why you need high-quality property photos

High-quality photographs showcase your home to the best possible effect.

That’s why we ensure that we use expertly curated, well-exposed, professional photographs in your property listing and property brochure.

They also give prospective homebuyers a higher sense of value and quality and ensure they’re more serious when contacting us to book their property viewing.

We handpick our images to ensure they capture the attention of prospective buyers and entice them to read further or to book their viewing. We also organise the photographs of your property to mimic the property viewing experience so they feel that they are experiencing a virtual tour and know what awaits them before they visit your home.


With the above in mind, you can rest assured that you will receive the highest quality service when you choose to list your property with Cobb Farr. Your home will receive the attention it deserves, you’ll receive enquiries from serious buyers, and you’re more likely to sell your home faster and for what it’s truly worth.

Contact us today to find out more.

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